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    That file contains my timing fixes. I made the neatPLA fork of dodggyPLA.

    NeatPLA was tested by many test users helping to perfect the timing.

    Why not print standoffs to the bottom case to prevent visible screws on top of joystick? Or remove the metal plate and use its screw positions under the black disk?

    Did you use the improved jed file which fixes timing issues?…ter/original_dodgyPLA_fix

    Like this special symbols on keys. These can also be printed and use stickers or water slide decals. Would probably be less work than 3D print on keys.

    Arrived today and soldered together right away: dance

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    Now I have to do that with the keycaps, but that's another story .....

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    I also bought the kit. I'm looking into buying a second used The64 mini for the keys and save my original unit. Sanding off the keys will be quite a job. I ordered SMD diodes for the PCB. I don't like soldering through hole components.

    Just made a test print. I realize that this is not the right character set! But the shape worked out pretty well for me.

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    Does anyone have the right character set for the C64 keyboard (not block keyboard)? Somewhere I read something about "Franklin Gothic Medium" but the "6" is definitely not right.

    And more importantly, does anyone have the keyboard's PETSCII characters as TTF or SVG? The normal PETSCII symbols would be nice, but those of the keyboard with the frame around it would be ideal. That would save me a lot of work!

    Nice. Did you model the key by yourself? There's quite many different key models in C64 keyboard. I have an Elegoo Saturn resin printer. It would be nice to print whole keysets and customize them for Messiah etc.

    I missed the beveled edge in TFW8B version. Funny they paid extra for hard gold but forgot beveling. I paid for both for my PCBs.

    TFW8B version looks good. Seem to have hard gold plating. It will last.

    The eBay version uses HASL plating which is tin. Too soft. It will leave tin shavings into the connector and eventually wear out.

    I recently ordered a batch of black KFF PCBs with hard gold plating. It's worth the extra price for hard gold. In a batch of 100pcs it cost about 2,5€ extra per PCB.

    Totally "loose contact-prone" cheap junk I would have named it. :)

    Look like the scrap TED sockets in many C16's.

    You're right with that. ICs with pin headers usually need an intermediate socket.

    Standard pin headers are bad for sockets. Too thick. I mostly use flat pins made of "long leg female headers". Occasionally I use round pin headers which are much thinner than square pin headers.

    Interesting thread. The first post mentioned my blog post of my first ESD protection attempts using TVS diodes. Later on I made two different versions of Joystick Port ESD protectors. I sell them at Amibay and Facebook groups. Version 2.0 also fits Amiga and other units with different DSUB-9 connector than C64.
    The axel81l's design which goes under the CIA chip is badly designed. The ESD chips are close to the chip and also not in line but at the end of a stub. Breaks many ESD design rules.

    Printed some time ago but now removing from printer. Heater unit case for MSLA printer. My biggest print so far.
    Now need to print parts for my work place. Already paid two printers with the compenation from work.
    Planning to print a custom joystick case for C64. I'm designing a joystick model with optical switches. Fast and no contact bouncing.

    Also other C64 projects in queue.