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Best C64 emulator for displaying graphics?

  • Hi!

    I'm really 128er but sometimes I'm creating comparison between VDC, VIC-I, VIC-II and TED.

    I have for displaying graphics C128 and C16+4 emulators which displays all correctly

    Z64K - best C128 emulator at all - in case of graphics has also deinterlacing option in three choices

    YAPE - displays all possible - screenshot is possible to do really good, but interlace of screenshot is not best

    But C64 has too many emulators and when I try to find any it is like blind tip - count of emulators is large.

    I know that maybe VICE is best C64 emulator - correct me if is it not true - but VICE has no deinterlacing option.

    I know that waiting from C64 emulator any deinterlacing option is for many users useless 'cause VIC-II supports not interlace.

    Really what is called on other platforms interlace it expands resolution and mix colors, but C64 only swaps frames without resolution change - really it is according to FLI named flexible line interpretation, no interlace.

    Swapping frames allows to get 136 colors , but resolution is not changed. So anyone from you can ask - why you need deinterlacing?

    Simple: swapping frames produces flickering what is common also in real interlace - this I need to remove to create progressive scan.

    And here it meets problem - progressive scan joins together even and odd frames - and this C64 produces not. So, exist any emulator which mix colors? Or produces stable picture like progressive scan?

    BTW: I understand not C64 designers why they removed from VIC-II chip interlace option 'cause VIC-I, VIC-IIe and VIC-III this option have. It is not fair for C64 users.

    Thank you for recommendations.


  • I know that maybe VICE is best C64 emulator - correct me if is it not true - but VICE has no deinterlacing option.

    "Best" is a relative term - Vice is pretty damn good and the best in many areas. Others have other strengths and weaknesses. That said, it's all a matter of taste. In terms of accuracy of the output, the one thing that Vice has over any other (as far as I remember) is the perfect aspect ratio of C64 pixels (narrowed by a factor of 0.937 if memory serves). I think every other emulator just maps the pixel width 1:1 to the host computer. Other than that, Micro64 is generally considered to be the most to-the-bone accurate C64 emulator, particularly with regard to display/output options.