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Tutorial for screen modes and sprites

  • Since I alread have some knowledge about the C64s usual operation, I'd love to know how one could switch to those new char screen modes (along an explanation what they really do), plus some information about how to get those bigger and more colourful sprites going in asm.

    Is there some information available about this somewhere?

  • I have some tools I developed for converting images into a format that is usable on the Mega65. I haven't published them as yet since there was a snag in the relocation functionality that I was trying to incorporate. They are otherwise quite usable and I made use of them in a number of demos I did last year.

    I can upload them if you like. The "driver/loader" would provide some insight into how to create large, 256 colour images on the Mega65.

    There is also a demo showing how to use 16 colour sprites... I could provide this as well if required.


  • Thanks for the interest!

    I've been poking around in my source archives and I have found the tools but it has been a year and a half since I've looked at them and they have become rather complex...

    I'm just trying to get my head around how they work now and how/what to upload. It may take a few days because I want to include some documentation as well. I have the added problem of not having a working Mega65 at the moment, too. I can't get that up and running for some time because I won't have the time so the stuff may be untested but I will have demos that did work and apparently still do on the machines recently built (they are including some of the demos with them).

    I'll post back when I have more information.