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Amiga/MSX/Atari option

  • A quick heads up While this is all in development. Why not add the option for Amiga and MSX? I know it is firstly meaned for C64.

    But I mean, it has a diskdrive, it can handle about 50mhz and 8MB-256MB, a perfect Amiga Candidate and also MSX. It should be a matter of software.

    Hardware is already there. I mean of course it has not the exact keyboard layout as the Amiga, but it doesnt have to. Most stuff is mouse and joystick anyways. Which is present in the MEga65.

    this will make the device in one boom an Amiga/C64/C65/MSX/Atari! Massive market and oppertunities.

  • All current general purpose FPGA retro platforms are build around Intel/Altera chips and Mega65 uses Xilinx. Porting the cores might not be trivial. And depending on the final price of the Mega65, the community might turn out to be on the smaller side.

  • Maybe a side product with same case and other processor, might be option too? Depends of what the Makers want. But I can tell you there is a massive market for good opensource solutions like this or even if there needs to be paid for some roms, everyone will be gladly pay with these kind of hardware (with case keyboard and diskdrive).

  • Hi Paulthetall:

    Our goal is the release of the MEGA65 with close to 100% c65/c64 compatibility.

    Even to reach this goal, we need to invest alot of time already.

    But like you've already mentioned, it is possible to develop an Amiga or MSX core, but it will not be done by us.

    But since it is open-source, whoever is interested could port/build a core him-/herself.

    The FPGA has alot of space and the MEGA65 hardware specs are impressive and easily capable of i.e. an Amiga core.

    SO the sky is the limit.

    (PS: It's an FPGA not a processor)