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Bare Metal Spectrum Emulator (ZXBaremulator) fuer den Raspberry Pi

  • Nachdem ich ja gestern einen Link zum Bare Metal C64 Emulator gepostet hatte, wollte ich Euch Links zum
    Bare Metal ZX Spectrum Emulator ZXBaremulator nicht vorenthalten ;)


    (Features und Beschreibung NUR in englisch, weil es so auf der Webseite ist ;) )

    ZXBaremulator is the first complete ZX Spectrum 48K/128K/+2A bare-metal emulator for the Raspberry Pi computers.

    Emulator features

    • Support Raspberry Pi models 2 & 3 for the actual v3.1.
    • Precise Z80 emulation (undocumented opcodes, hidden WZ register, bits 3-5 from 'F' register).
    • Precise Spectrum 48k/128k/+2a emulation (full border, real-time screen drawing, contended memory, floating bus, hi-res color effects).
    • Kempston/Sinclair 1-2/Cursor-AGP-Protek/Fuller/QAOPSpaceM joystick emulation using a PS3/PS4 DualShock gamepad, XBox360, XBox One or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller in USB mode (no Bluetooth supported).
    • Kempston Mouse emulation using a standard USB mouse.
    • Accelerated tape loading from virtual TZX tapes (when possible). Original tape loaders are preserved.
    • Beeper/AY-3-8912 emulation.(no HDMI sound, sigh!).
    • Multiface One/128/+3 support. You can cheat Abu Simbel Profanation, at last!.
    • Up to 1100 files can be loaded from Tapes subdirectory.
    • No Linux needed!. Super-fast loading from µSD.

    New features version 3.1

    • Added a file browser, so you can have so many TAP/TZX files as you want, using your favourite organization.
    • Added support for Recreated ZX keyboard, used with or without a standard USB keyboard. Thanks to the user Hikoki that kindly donates me a recreated keyboard.
    • Added suport for PS4, XBox360, XBox One and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller gamepads.
    • Left analog stick can be used now as directional control keys but, beware, not every game is happy with that.
    • Thanks, one more time, to Jorge Castillo (pastbytes), the help screens are updated.