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Commodore OS Vision 1.3 x86 default admin password help

  • Hi!

    I tried to install Commodore OS Vision 1.3 x86 - two times.
    It is not possible to finish user name and password entering - after clicking Next it always shows busy cursor and hangs until installation finishes.

    I'm new in Linux - I want to ask simple stupid question:
    What a default admin password to use? Or what is default admin password?

    Thank you for your help and patience.

  • This is a Live DVD Version so you can just use it from the DVD and you don't have to install it, it has a user that comes with it called "Live" so if you install it the user will be installed too,Password is live123.You can change the name of the user at anytime once you have installed COS32.Goto System --> Administration --> Users and Groups.