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  • Hi,

    Just thought I'd post a message to say that the new firmware defaults
    for the 6581 are perfect to my ears. With the default BIAS settingof 0
    Lightforce, X-Out and numerous other SIDs that sounded a little "odff"
    before sound spot on now. Great work Thnankyou!!!

    P.S Could we get an English discussion Forum too?

  • Thanks, Ross!

    I hadn't changed my settings (Bias +6) after the F/W upgrade and noticed next to no difference. I'll go and try the default again. Had been satisfied with Lightforce from the beginning, but with +6 bias, some rare sound artifacts -much too loud- appeared in one or another piece.

    I think, you're free to write in English in the whole forum. Many of the participants can understand or write in English.


  • Absolutely,
    I went back to BIAS 0 and now it sounds just fine! :)
    Next step is to bring the demo disks along to my
    workplace where the FPGASID C64 sits and test
    for sound artifacts with BIAS 0 where I heared them
    previously with BIAS +6.

    What hasn't changed yet seems to be this inclination
    for over-emphasized crackling. Do you have Turbo Outrun?
    Try the "Game Over"-sound there. On mine, it crackles
    quite articulatedly on both SID channels. It should sound
    very crunchy, but not like an electric arc.


  • Neu

    Hi everyone,

    I just tested what I had previously filed as a bug report for the "+6 BIAS" setting.
    While BIAS +0 sounds just fine usually now, I still have strange tones occuring at
    the end of a demo that seem to persist, even after the F/W update and setting
    BIAS back to its default +0.

    This concerns the "Delirious XI" demo, and only the end part (scrolling skulls).
    You have to let the skull scroller run for a while until you hear a honking sound,
    maybe better described as something like a telephone touch tone, out of a channel
    that is fully configured as a 6581. Can anyone else reproduce this?
    I have the left channel configured as 6581, and the right one as 8580, and it only
    honks on the left channel. While the sound is also there on a real SID, it's pretty
    silent there and goes well with the melody, and it doesn't honk. ;)


  • Neu

    Thanks @i u s for testing this. To be honest, the bias feature is quite new and I must admit that it has some side effects that I have not foreseen. Esp the extreme settings +6/7 are affected.
    I am currently reworking the whole filter part and will do a major update in one of the next releases. I will have an eye on such effects when I am doing it. But as this is a lot of work an I am quite busy with other things in the moment, it will take a while.

    @i u s: In case you make some more observations, can you please send me a summary in an email together with the binaries you have used (d64 or prg) for testing? That would be great, because for me it's much easier to get the information bundled together rather than collecting stuff from a forum thread. I have sent you an email so you will have my contact data.
  • Neu

    The bug @i u s describes seems to be the same I have reported and written about in the German thread:

    It is likely triggered by the stereo configuration.

    So I would be glad if you, @i u s could test it with double mono setting from the "beginner screen" of configuru and report back here.

    My guess is: It should be gone then.
  • Neu

    Doesn't quite seem to be the same. I'm already using dual mono, and no voices are muted. I have the left channel configured as 6581 and the right as 8580. 6581 Bias +0 in f/w 0D, 8580 digifix +80.
    Sound is neither hanging nor unrecognizably distorted. I just get crackling on some parts where it should be somewhat crunchy, and honking sounds that pop out of their tune in a multitude of their intended volume. You probably have access to TurboOutrun, Delirious11 and SpeedKing, too, so you can try to reproduce it if you like. It's probably more articulated if you use headphones.
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