Games in D81 format for SD2IEC device

  • Squidward, OneCheekyDevil - thank you, I'm glad you like compilation.
    Finally someone made ultimate disc game collection for SD2IEC users :D


    Did you notice in one of my sheets for small disc games (one D64) in Excel format there's a list of non-working games on SD2IEC, but some of them are marked blue, not red?

    Reason for this is because I don't know if they work or not on SD2IEC.
    They don't have trainer/level-skip, intro/cracktro is together with first level, and my gaming abilities are not good enough to reach second level.

    If someone reach second level playing these games, he can tell me here if game is working from SD2IEC or not.
    If they work, we can put them in collection.

    For me, most missing ones are Back to the Future 3 and Dragon's Lair II.

    Here are versions that maybe work on SD2IEC:

    Back to the Future III:

    Dragon's Lair II - Dirk's Escape: (Triad version, press "C" during cracktro for infinite lives)

    Dragon's Lair has best game soundtrack on C64 ever!

    Of course, you can try also other games marked with blue on my list.