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  • Maybe these very big games (8D & 9D) can be squeezed inside 1 MB Easyflash slot:

    Champions of Krynn (8D)
    Curse of the Azure Bonds (8D)

    Gateway to the Savage Frontier (9D)
    Knights of Legend (9D)
    Pool of Radiance (9D)
    Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny (9D)
    Wasteland (9D)

    All these RPGs from SSI, Origin Systems and Electronic Arts have excellent ratings on lemon64.com (from 8.2 to 9.0).

    I will say one more time to potential C64 sceners who want to make proper Easyflash releases of these games:
    SSI games are easiest to do, because some of them work even with disk2easyflash tool (except save-states), and this program has many limitations.
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    Accolade racing games:

    1. Grand Prix Circuit (1D)
    2. The Cycles (1D)
    3. Heat Wave (1D)

    We have already excellent Easyflash release of Accolade's Testdrive games done by Nostalgia, but these ones are missing and perfect for one Easyflash compilation - same publisher, same genre, and seems they use also same engine for making these.
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    Missing disk-games in Lemon64 Top 100 without anyone's wishes to be converted to Easyflash (and they deserve it)

    1. I checked very carefully all published disk-games for easyflash available here
    There are around 100 of them (excluding a lot of Infocom text adventures).

    2. Then I checked all posted disk-games done with disk2easyflash tool available here in topic "disk2easyflash fertige images - at present we have 368 of them.

    3. I compared these with disk-games in Top 100 games on lemon64.com (minimum 30 votes to minimum 120 votes).

    4. I also checked all wished disk-games posted in this topic.

    Filtering all of these, I made a list of more disk-games deserving Easyflash releases in alphabetical order:

    Cabal (1D)
    Castles of Dr. Creep (1D)
    Exile (1D)
    Ghouls'n'Ghosts (1D)
    Gunship (2D)
    Heart of Africa (2D)
    Impossible Mission II (1D)
    Lords of Conquest (1D)
    Killed until Dead (1D)
    Newzealand Story (1D)
    Project Stealth Fighter (1D)
    Red Storm Rising (2D)
    Rick Dangerous II (1D)
    Seven Cities of Gold (2D)
    Space Rogue (2D)
    They Stole a Million (1D)
    Times of Lore (1D)

    How can we missed these excellent games? :)
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    Wer kann mir bitte für meinen Freund "Honey" das Spiel "Das Herz von Afrika" auf EF3 lauffähig konvertieren? Es sind zwei Diskettenseiten und ich hänge das mal unten an. Ist das möglich, wie lange dauert das und was kostet es ;)

    Wer hätte denn überhaupt Lust darauf uns zu helfen?


    • HEART-D0.D64

      (174,85 kB, 6 mal heruntergeladen, zuletzt: )
    • HEART-D1.D64

      (174,85 kB, 4 mal heruntergeladen, zuletzt: )
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    How can we forgot here mentioning another excellent game series done by Lasse Oorni?

    Here we have:

    1. Metal Warrior (1D) - done in 1999.
    2. Metal Warrior II (1D) - done in 2000.
    3. Metal Warrior III (1D) - done in 2001.
    4. Metal Warrior IV - Agents of Metal (1D) - done in 2003.
    5. Hessian (1D) - done in 2016.

    With trainers, of course.
    Like all other compilations too :D
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