[Kickstarter] Commodore: The Inside Story - 2017

  • [Kickstarter] Commodore: The Inside Story - 2017

    [Kickstarter] Commodore: The Inside Story - 2017 - David John Pleasance
    The Untold Tale of a Computer Giant with never before revealed true stories of how a huge corporation was mismanaged from Hero to Zero

    Hello good people - fellow Commodorians and Amiga fans around the globe.
    It is with great pleasure that I present you this opportunity for the very first time ever, to get a genuine insider's view of what happened to Commodore on a worldwide basis during the tumultuous years from 1983 (it was shortly after this time that Jack Tramiel was unwillingly ousted from the company) right through to 1994 when Commodore International declared Bankruptcy and to August 1995 when Commodore UK finally ceased trading.
    During this period many products which nobody asked for were produced, and products which were desperately needed were canned mid development.

    "Um den Krieg zu überleben, muss man selbst zum Krieg werden." - John Rambo / Rambo II - "Der Auftrag"