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SCPU and its 128K Fast Static RAM, 512K ROM and use - how?

  • Hi!

    Longer time I never searching this area, but current requirements needs to explain me few things about my own SuperCPU128.

    128K Fast Static RAM
    It replaces standard Commodore 64 (64K) and Commodore 128 (128K) operational RAM.
    In case of C64, only one half and second half is used as form of OSROM (Operating System ROM).
    Ok, this is written about SCPU64 in C64 - but how is it in case of C128 - where is place for OSROM?
    Also here's Q - 128K FSRAM replaces operational RAM - is possible to access replaced RAM - looks like unused, but it can be also mirror of FSRAM, but this is unclear - knows anybody anything more?

    128K uses C64, contains OS overlays - which are downloaded :) to OSRAM - ok, again what in case of C128?
    SCPU can accept up to 512K ROM - how and have anybody template for using it? For example to create ML monitor supporting X65 (8502 etc), 65K (65816) and X80 (Z80) CPUs...

    Or is here Q: 2nd half of FSRAM is used same way like in C64, and RAM1 of C128 is used true not replaced? It looks logic.
    So, finally:
    FSRAM replaces operational RAM - is operational RAM free to use? If, how?
    ROM -512K how to create own in any template? I know how to create ROM for internal/external socket, also C128 cartridges, but template for C64 works not, so can anybody help?

    Thank you for all.

  • Ok, when I see texts translated by Google translator from other language to Slovak it is anything unusable! This is reason why I never use translator...
    So, I see big differences or mistakes in translation, here is official translate:
    A long time I did not need this information but now for me to become very important as my SuperCPU128
    128K Fast Static RAM
    This memory replaces standard main memory Commodore 64 (64K) and Commodore 128 (128K).
    If the C64 it is only the first half, the other half is used as farm OSROM (Operating System ROM).
    Okay - this is described in the description SCPU64 and its use with C64 - Well, as is the case with the C128? Where is the place for OSROM?
    It is also an appropriate question - as 128K FSRAM replaces physical memory - you can access to the original memory? It seems to be unemployed, but can only copy FSRAM, it is unclear from the description.
    Does anyone know anything about it more?
    128K ROM uses C64, OS includes overlays - which are entered to OSRAM - that the second half FSRAM.
    SCPU allows the use of up to 512K ROM - is there a system structure according to which it is possible to create a custom ROM?
    For example, have a ROM monitor machine code with support for X65 (8502 etc.), 65K (65816) and X80 (Z80) processor ...
    Also, there remains the question - for C128 and SCPU128 - FSRAM the other half used as with the C64 and the upper 64K of RAM Commodore 128 is real, not replaced? It seems logical.
    So, finally:
    FSRAM replaces physical memory - is therefore a real main memory free for any use? If so, how to approach it?
    512K ROM - to create your own, helped by a description of how to program, because we can create ROM for internal and external socket C128, and cartridges for the C128, but I can not create a ROM for C64 (also I would like to order) because I do not know the structure under which it program ... so even SCPU ROM certainly has a structure and know nothing about it, consult anyone?
    Well thank you.

  • No. You cannot use internal RAM of computer in addition to SCPU RAM. SCPU will 'bleed through' writes to SCPU-RAM into C64 RAM if it thinks VIC will need it. There are different modes for this, and it is not well documented how tzhey work. Look for the SCPU register list somwhwre on the internet.

    Of course things *could* be different, but they are not. Just stay to the facts.