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  • Hi,

    I have built the IEC2ATA v2 and flashed it with the latest NLQ 0.52 firmware. I´m using an 2.5" IDE 4 GB harddrive.

    The C is set at 1-2 and R is open. Device ID is set to 14.

    Harddrive has been partitioned and formatted FAT32 from a PC.

    However I´m not really sure that everything is working 100%. Sometimes the PAR&FOR tool on C64 cannot see the partition and sometimes it can. When it can´t it says that non-LBA drives are not supported.

    Also, when the C64 is turned off the red LED on IEC2ATA v2 is steadily lit, but when I turn on the C64 power the red LED starts blinking rapidly.

    When I try to load "$",14 it sometimes work, but the listing is empty. Also when I save "testfile",14 it sometimes work, but no file is saved.

    I also copied files from the PC to the drive and then connected the drive back to C64, but no files are shown.

    The green LED is never lit when load or save commands are issued, only the red LED, but it´s blinking.

    I have reflashed and done the calibration several times, but to no luck.

    Would be very grateful for any help in this matter before I throw the whole thing out the window...

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