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USB Host fuer verschiedene Anwendungen

  • Ueber den bin ich heute mal "gestolpert" und fand einige Moglichkeiten wie USB-Keyboard oder USB-Midi und USB-Flash gut....
    da wird einfach ueber die Firmware die Funktion festgelegt :)

    USB Host Controller Board V2.2

    USB Host Mini


    The USB Host Board is based around the Microchip 24FJ64GB002 microcontroller which contains a built-in full-speed USB host controller. This allows the board to interface with and control any USB slave device - flash drives, keyboards, digital cameras, PS3 game controllers, and much more!

    The USB Host board is designed to be as simple to use as possible. All of the complex USB programming is contained in the microchip so there is NO USB coding required in your application. This saves valuable programming space and saves you from having to code and debug USB interface routines. The onboard microcontroller has a bootloader and is easily updatable with any of our free USB Host driver software.


    Complete USB Software onboard. No USB coding required on your microcontroller
    Simple UART and I2C interface
    Easily updatable software includes
    Flash Memory Stick - Read and Write data to files on a USB flash drive
    USB Keyboard - Converts a standard USB keyboard into a serial TTL device generating ASCII characters
    USB Joystick - Reads the control inputs and button presses from a USB Joystick. Data available via serial connection or using I2C. Great for robot projects
    CDC Communications Class - Allows you to connect a CDC class device to the Host Board and send and receive data to the device via a serial connection (e.g. Mobile Phones, fax machines, two way radios etc)
    USB Mouse - Read the movement and button clicks of a mouse via Serial TTL and I2C.
    PS3 Dual Shock Controller - Read the Joysticks, accelerometer, button pressure and buttons of a PS3 Dualshock Controller via Serial TTL and I2C. Set the LEDs and rumble motors.
    FTDI Serial Driver - Allows you to connect a serial device that uses an FTDI USB chipset to the Host Board and send and receive data.
    MIDI Device - Allows you to connect a MIDI device to the USB Host Board for 2-way communication using the MIDI message protocol
    See Related Products tab for more details on software available
    Easy to update the software using simple serial connection and built-in bootloader
    Works with both 5V and 3.3V systems
    Real Time Clock
    One-board 3.3V 250mA regulator with output
    Green POWER LED
    Red LED indicates bootloader active or Error
    Blue LED indicates device plugged in and accepted
    All pins are 5V tolerant so will work with 5V and 3.3V microcontrollers.
    Board size 38mm x 27mm