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Firmware upgrade fails with VENDOR: ?? BAD EEPROM

  • Hi all (and sorry, while I can read German, I cannot produce it),

    I dug out my Final Expansion (v3.2, rev. 10) that I purchased from Donald and built a few years ago to finally play with it. I switched it on, it works and loads cart files and stuff from the SD card in BASIC. I thought I'd take a look at the prebuilt SD Card packages, but discovered that they need new firmware. The board came with firmware r021 installed.

    However, my FE will not update the firmware (I tried 022d), the process fails with "VENDOR: ?? BAD EEPROM".
    FE3DIAG gives me:
    ROM/XMODE ERROR #16 HP=8192
    RAM/-MODE1 ERROR #2 HP=8192

    As it is quite likely that I am doing something wrong, I'd like to know what it is. To my knowledge, the board is built more or less correctly, and it works, just will not accept a new firmware version.

    Thanks in advance.