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nano SwinSID in Catweasel IV Plus

  • New to this Forum but have a question about those SID "chip"
    I would like to use the nano SwinSID in Catweasel IV Plus but wonder which I should use.
    There is those jumpers to chose wihch SID you want and in the Catweasel manual it show you have to put some jumpers
    right compare to which original SID you have. Suppose they run on different voltage as it is what you choose 9 V or 12 V.

    Now is the question if it matter how I configure the jumpers at the Catweasel if I use those nano SwinSID ?

    // Johan W

  • I don't have any experience with the Catweasel, but the external circuitry for 6581 and 8580 only differs in the "high" supply voltage (9 or 12 VDC) and the external filter cap values, and SwinSID uses none of them. If you use SwinSID as a drop-in replacement in any C64 board, you don't have to modify the board, so I suppose you don't have to modify jumper settings on the Catweasel.

  • nano swinsid has a jumper "- set board", for 6581, 12vdc this jumper is open, for 8580, 9vdc this jumper needs to be closed. though i am not 100% sure since descriptions for this jumper are somewhat unclear, in some sources its mentioned it depends on specific resistors on the board. anyways you cannot damage anything, if volume is too low, try setting or removing the jumper. i had the nano in a 6581 socket and it ran just fine, so it should "eat" any voltage.