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  • My friend EDK and I are working on the Easyflash version of "The New Zealand Story".
    We don't like disk2easyflash releases, so this will be a real cartridge version !
    I put it on a multifunctional PCB I designed, who can hold eproms from 64 Kb to 1 Mbit. :)
    And I like a boxed version for my own collection, so I created a cover for it.

  • Bei Hostern wie Zippyshare & Co. immer nach dem Link suchen, der in irgendeiner Form "Free Download" oder "Slow Download" oder ähnlich moderat lautet, auch wenn er noch so tief unten oder sonstwie versteckt steht. Alles was laut und deutlich "FAST DOWNLOAD" oder so brüllt, ist Werbemüll oder schlimmer.

    (Und natürlich nie ohne Werbeblocker surfen.)
  • Guys,

    In post 358 you have collection of first 300 disk2easyflash games with very comprehensive Excel datasheet with game datas for download.

    It was posted because we reached magical number 300 and it was Christmas :D

    For now we have 387 of them.
    I have them all in that big Excel sheet, neatly arranged and I can post it right away.

    But let's reach magical number 400 for this ;)

    And I'm not too optimistic we'll reach them fast.

    Let me explain.

    There are around 2.300 disk-games for C64, each of them has average 3 cracks available at Commodore Scene Database - csdb.dk, including IDE64 releases available at singularcrew.hu/ide64warez/index2.php
    That means around 7.000 releases needs to be tested to find all compatible ones with disk2easyflash tool.

    Of course, some of them obviously will not work because we know they using specific disk-loader (for example, games using Electronic Arts loader).

    I converted few thousands disk-releases from D64/D81 to CRT with disk2easyflash (D2EF) tool and tested them on real EF3 cartridge.
    Result of these are 345 working ones that we have in collection (out of 387).

    Probably I found 90% of all disk-games that can work with D2EF program, and we reached stage when almost 100 disk-games needs to be tested to find one D2EF compatbile one (except unknown territory of 4D+ ones, explained later in this post).
    And nobody will do it.

    Disk2easyflash program is limited, and all compatible games needs to follow many rules to be playable from cartridge explained here:

    c64-wiki.de/wiki/EasyFlash³#Disk2EasyFlash (click at link 6.6 Disk2Easyflash)

    I would add to these limits also multi-disk games with switching disks problem I explained here in posts 366 & 367 and put some of them to be converted by C64 programmers. Nobody did it.

    It's real wonder we found that much D2EF compatible games!

    I'm sure authors of disk2easyflash tool (Alx and The Joker) didn't think in their wildest dreams we'll have it so many by now :D

    Without that tool, we'll not have this impressive disk-game collection here at all.
    We <3 you, guys!

    Last games I need to check with Alx's disk2easyflash tool are very big games (4D+).
    A little bit more than 100 of them exists.
    If I find 5 of them compatible with D2EF I will be very happy.
    It will be tested in next few weeks.

    So, to make a long story short:

    New collection of all disk2easyflash games will be posted by me on public server when we reach number 400 OR at 1st of October 2017. including usuakl comprehensive Excel games data sheet.
    So you need to wait maximum 24 days more :)
    We all hope it will be first option.

    I hope also The Joker and Klaus/Stephan will add more of their D2EF releases here during this period.
    They need more time than me to fix them, because they fix'em properly changing game code :thumbup:

    I would also ask them if they can leave trainers for games (if they convert cracked games with trainers).

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  • great to hear..it's an unbelievable amount of time you put in this!!

    i know because i did this converting idefixes to dreamload format (.dfi) with a handwritten cbmconvert comand line back in the days. to be used with mmc64 and retro replay....and this only for the ide64 Archive.

    thanks a lot for YOUR efforts!
  • Ebster,

    It's true - many many hours has been spent to find all these D2EF compatbile disc-games.
    For every tested game on EF3 cartridge, I spent average six minutes to find, download, convert, test and make D81/"extended" D64 file where needed.
    Calculation is easy ;)
    But it was done in 15 months.

    You opened this topic, and read it carefully, so you know this project of mine to find as many as possible D2EF games was sub-project of bigger one.
    And I do them both in the same time, and progress is the same.

    Meaning I will also finished and posted bigger one when I finished this one :D
  • Enthusi probably means if the games are 100% completable. Trained games have often levelskipper, so you can check it easily. Without you have to play the complete game to verify the 100%. I had a few games tested (ages ago) and sometimes it crashes after the first or second level on EF3. Of course i haven't linked these games here. Can't remember which titles though.
  • They're only two ways to check them completely and be sure they work 100% from EF if they don't have level-skip - first is to complete whole game from beginning to the end (with or without trainer), and second one is to look at the game-code.

    So, who will do it for every game in our collection of almost 400 games here?

    Maybe few of them have this problem.

    Only problem with D2EF are save-states of the game, but for vast majority of games this is not important at all.
    And trying to make game save-states also don't crash games at all.

    Even "official" well-known Easyflash releases have this problem - check thread "Looking for Rocket Ranger .CRT (not the compilation)" on lemon64.com

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  • CommFor schrieb:

    Only problem with D2EF are save-states of the game
    Not only that. A few games will use i.e. track-sector access which d2ef can not handle. Either for highscores (not just to write, but also to read them) but also sometimes things like in-game data.
    I have not checked but I would be more than surprised if i.e. Space Rogue works out of the box with that.
  • Enthusi,

    I don't see anyone doing these days Easyflash releases.
    Here we have Klaus/Stephan and The Joker for D2EF games.

    Seems that others from the C64 scene forget about it.

    CRT files have instant loading, 1 MB space, no disk-swap, no fast-loaders...
    Users of 1541U/U2/U2+, Easyflash cartridge, Easyflash 3 cartridge can use them.

    Perfect media for playing big-disc games without disk-swapping like big adventures, big RPGs, etc.
    For example, try to play Duck Tales or Rocket Ranger from floppies/D64 files or from CRT files.
    Difference is huuuge :)

    And active groups like Onslaught, Triad, Laxity, Genesis Project (to name a few) don't see potential of this!?
    And there are sooo many disc-games deserve Easyflash treatment ;)

    Easyflash Wishlist

    If you ask me, every active group should have section to make Easyflash releases.
    But I can only dream...