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8502CPU speed / SuperCPU speed detection

  • Hi!

    In my new version of C128 System Information 7.3 revision 1 is one problem with detection of speed of SCPU/8502

    /8502 correct peek(53296)-251) = MHz
    /65816 at 1MHz peek(53424)=65 / 20MHz peek(53424)=1 > correct
    /65816 if 8502=2MHz >incorrect - always 20MHz: peek(53424)=1

    Exists other address than 53424 where to check SCPU Turbo on/off?

    if know this:
    poke53370,0 to slow down 1mhz
    poke53371,0 to speed up 20mhz

    but peek is always 255

    If can anybody help, please write.

    Many many thanks!