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WinUAE 2.2.0 erschienen!

  • WinUAE 2.2.0 released (28.06.2010)

    Major Game Ports and Input GUI update (finally!):

    - Quick and easy Game Ports input event remapping support.
    - Test mode, check built-in or custom key mappings quickly.
    - Also includes simple autofire configuration.
    - Game Ports mappings are always merged with Input panel configuration modes (*).
    For example when configuring a game pad, you can use Game Ports GUI for basic
    configuration and remap extra buttons using Input GUI.
    - Input GUI also includes quick test and remap options. Press any key,
    joystick or mouse axis or button and selected input target will be
    instantly ready for remapping, no more slow and manual searching.
    - "Windows mouse" not supported in test or remap modes.

    *) Possible compatibility issue with old configuration files in Configuration
    #1-3 mode. Workaround: set Game Ports mouse and joystick to none.

    Other new features:

    - (Pointless) Max 1G Chip RAM support.
    - 7zip SDK updated, XZ and PPMD decompression support added.
    - Triple/Double/No buffering option added to GUI.
    - NTSC checkbox added to Quickstart GUI.
    - WASAPI and PortAudio volume control support.
    - 68030 data cache emulated (mostly useless currently).
    - Save state when emulator is quit configuration file option.
    - Show information window while scanning for ROMs.
    - Monitor "bezel" overlay image support (configuration file only).
    - Floppy sound channel mask (configuration file only).

    Bugs fixed:

    - CD32 on the fly CD changes, both images and real CDs.
    - Autoscale top border position was incorrect in some situations.
    - Directory filesystem crash in some situations when attempting
    to open non-existing files or directories.
    - INTREQR returned bit 15 set in some situations.
    - GUI custom CPU frequency was read incorrectly.
    - More 68020 "cycle exact" timing fixes (interrupts and blitter).
    - 68000 cycle exact too slow CIA interrupt timing.
    - Audio filter emulation didn't always follow power led state correctly.
    - Amiga to Windows clipboard image sharing failed to convert some image types.


    - Direct3D shader mode is more compatible with Intel integrated graphics cards.
    - Custom chipset compatibility updates (for example Roots 2.0 / Sanity)
    - 68020 "cycle exact" mode improvements.
    - Direct3D "none" filter allows again all filter setting adjustments.
    - On screen Power LED fade emulation improved.

    and more, check winuaechangelog.txt for (technical) details.

    DL: http://www.winuae.net/ :)