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SJLOAD-20 v07

  • SJLOAD-20 (für VIC-20) release 07 (thanks to nbla000!)

    Release Info:

    - Fixed the DEVICE NOT PRESENT Vic hang by using IECNAMOUT, DISK_LISTEN, DISK_TALK, DISK_CLOSE[_SA] present on FE3 r19

    - Fixed the Drive not closed (on Jiffy drives) issue by calling DISK_CLOSE_LO routine on ends

    - some new compile options for smaller code without messages, with std. messages, without Load/Save params, without SAVE

    Binaries for $0400 and $B000 are included.

    Source code is included.

    Have fun!

    Vielen Dank an nbla000 vom Denial Forum für seine tolle Arbeit!

    Many thanks to nbla000 from denial board for his great workl!