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  • Jumper settings

    My problem is that every jumper config makes serial port locked if I connect IEC-ATA to computer and power...

    I'll try to re-flash it again tomorrow.

    Please write to me jumper config at flashing - first are every jumpers free. When starts dialog to confirm flashing, how they have to be configured: JC & RESET...

    Thank you very much.

  • AntaBaka schrieb:

    Yeah, do we really need a new thread for each new problem you encounter?

    @mod: Können wir die verschiedenen Threads zum Thema IECATA von ihm zusammenlegen? Man verliert echt den Überblick inzwischen.
    All Threads (exclusive one) are now in one...

    @Mikrosoft: Please don't open a new thread when the new problem is caused by the solution of the old problem or the nearly the same situation...

    so long FighterXXS
    the moderating pirate(;
  • As much as I understand IEC-ATA locks the bus, even when JR is closed. Is this correct? Please connect IEC-ATA (with or without HD), connect the power-supply, close JR and type 'load"$",10'. Does this really hang (Y/N)?
    Test your serial cable: Connect the cable to the C128 (without IEC-ATA) and type 'load"$",10'. Does this hang (Y/N)?
    Does your power-supply make exactly 5V? Can you test the voltage of the power-supply?
    Background: When you close JR then there is a permanence-hardware-reset of the AVR. All 35 I/O-pins are made input, so the inputs of the outputdriverers (7407 and 74LS07) go to +5V (tested five minutes ago), so they don't make any action to the lines of the IEC-bus, so it is impossible that they lock the bus. At a permanence-hardware-reset it doesn't matter whether there is any (correct) firmware in the AVR. So if this really locks the bus there must be any different defective thing.
  • "The serial device isn't free"


    If I connect IEC-ATA to Serial port, all accessing operations hangs...
    So, I tried only one thing what I could:
    1. I turn on the computer (C128DCR)
    2. Switch to C64 mode
    3. Load from drive #8 (internal) NLQ flashing program and run it
    4. Loaded selected file to flash
    5. Set jumpers to positions as instructions on screen were written
    6. NOW - I CONNECTED IEC-ATA - to serial cable and power supply
    7. Message was that "problems with AVR..." (I wrote about this longer time ago)
    8. So, I select TRY AGAIN - and here's message that Serial Port is locked (look at screenshot)

    What to do to make drive access free?

    Thanks for every reply.

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