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Which registers to use for moving VideoRAM and charset data?

  • Hi!
    I want to ask that is possible to move VideoRAM (default 1024-2023) and charset through whole memory of C128.

    On C64 there were 2 registers and one memory address: registers VIC#24, CIA2#0 and address #648($288).

    Now I know that #53272/$D018(VIC#24) has the same function as in C64, but it seems that #56576/$DD00(CIA2#0) not and memory address #648/$288 is used to other function.
    With VIC#24 can I relocate charset and VideoRAM only in 1st 16k.
    How to do e.g.: VideoRAM at $8800, charset data at $8000?
    On C64 it is done witht: POKE648,136:POKE56576,197:POKE53272,32
    But on C128 I don't know how...
    Thanks for every help.