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64HDD pro and C128DCR

  • Hi!
    I'm 64HDD Pro user with PWR/Link. I had Commodore 64G, but now I'm user of C128DCR. Yesterday I get mail with upgrade of 64HDD for C128 users... There is my new problem. When 64HDD starts, it checks all the drives (it was) and I can make I/O operations with it. But now, when I'm starting 64HDD it checks no drives, only displays paths and I/O oprations are not successfull. Also in C128 and C64 mode. It works only when I'm starting with B.O.S. on PWR/Link (holding down the button at reset). It switches me automatically to C64 mode and I/O operations I can do successfully. But what with C128 mode????
    What to do?