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    In our english C64-Wiki is been written a new article of the memory adress 203.
    The writer ask: "Should articles about specific addresses be named other than just the address like I've done?"

    I think, that is an nice idea, but when is this done, we have until 65535 articles.
    The easier solution is that we write only a few article as in the german C64-Wiki than Speicherbelegungsplan and some special adress refer to the special article like Sprite, Hintergrundfarbe, etc.
    Digitale Grüsse / digital regards


    1. 0V=53280:POKEV,I:I=INT(RND(0)*222)+32:POKE646,I:?CHR$(I);:POKEV,I::::::::GOTO0

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    Do you know, what these code effected?
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