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Add new games as they are finished?

  • Was considering giving it a try writing in german, but was almost 10 years since I stopped reading that in school so I think this might be easier to understand. :)

    First I'd like to thank all the movie makers. It's great to re-live those old games and finally seeing the end of those I never managed to finish myself. :)

    I'm just wondering why you wait one month between adding more games? Maybe it's my lack of patience, but I'd love to see games added as they are finished instead. Makes a good reason to return to this site every day to update and see if any new one added today. :)

  • Hoi, :)
    my english is a mess but I hope you understand what I mean.
    I made the updates in a monthly periode to hold a rythmus in which the visitors know that there comes 100% new longplays.

    The second point I don`t offer all longplays which I have is, sometimes I need really long to longplay a game but with an little backup I can guarantee the monthly update but I if I made just 1 or 2 longplays in a month.

    Monty :)