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Flashing 0.96 to Slot0

  • Hello!

    I downlaoded and sucessfully installed the 0.96 release including roms etc. on my Mega65. Following the instructions I also replaced the Factory Core in Slot 0 without problems.

    Everything went well, so no problem there. Out of pure interest I do have a question about why this is recommended though? Is there any reason or could I just leave the original core there and use another Slot for the current release?

    Is for example the flasher utility always loaded from the factory core? Because the new "CORE" subdirectory on the SD-Card seems to be only visible after upgrading Slot 0? Are there other reasons?

    Thanks for more Information. I'm still not 100% sure how all the parts of the Mega65 software interact in this way although I think I mostly understand it by now.

  • The flasher controlling the bootup is taken from slot 0 on powering up, correct. One advantage of the new version is that it can check what cartridge type is inserted and automatically launch the configured core for it. So you could configure it to automatically start the C64 core in case a cartridge with a C64 signature is detected, and start the MEGA65 core otherwise.