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Kein Sprite Editor in Xemu?

  • Es gibt leider noch keinen. Der im Freezer enthaltene ist ein guter Ansatz. Nur noch leider sehr fehlerhaft.

    Wäre großartig wenn du einen machen würdest. Ich hatte einen angefangen. Aber ich will meinen Zeichensatzeditor

    erstmal in die finale Version bringen.

  • Sorry for the English answer, I don't speak German (neither English too well, btw). Xemu has problems running freezer in general, but if you're brave, you can try. It needs to enable freezer trap in the UI menu (right click into the emulator window, then Debug / advanced -> Allow freezer). After that, about 0.5 sec (or so) "long press" of RESTORE (which is "PageDown" on the default keyboard mapping) got you into the freezer. Beware, that many things there most likely causes problem or does not work (or at least not very well, for example the "thumbnail image" generator is not emulated, for one thing). But there you can try to start sprite editor with 'S'. However I would be careful with that, especially if there is a BASIC program in the memory you've edited without saving, since it's possible that some bug is triggered and you cannot return to the BASIC editor, thus losing your BASIC modifications.