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ZX-Uno for MEGA65 V1.0 released

  • ZX-Uno for MEGA65 Version 1.0 is stable and feature-rich. Thanks to ESXDOS and SD card support, loading software is easy. You can play a ton of classic ZX Spectrum games with it, including AY-3-8910 sound and thanks to ULAplus support certain games look even better than back in the good old days. Also, most demos and application programs are working. Last but not least, you can program in 48k BASIC.

    Download it from the MEGA65 File Host here.

    The core is compatible with the R3 (DevKits) and R3A versions of the MEGA65. If you received your MEGA65 before November 2023, you very likely have an R3 or R3A model, making this core suitable for your device. It neither supports the R2 prototype any more (R2 users can still use Version 0.8 of the core), nor does it support R4/R5 boards (most recent MEGA65 deliveries post November 2023).

    The video output is either analog via the VGA port of the MEGA65 or digital via the HDMI port. Audio output is supported via the 3.5mm analog audio jack and via HDMI audio.

    Getting Started

    Make sure that you insert a prepared and FAT32 formatted SD card which is 32 GB in size (or smaller) as described here before trying to start the core:


    The ZX-Uno is not for the faint at heart, so make sure that you work through the tutorial.


    • The ZX-Uno core runs flawlessly (CPU, ULA incl. ULAplus, RAM, ROM, ...)
    • 48k BASIC
    • Analog (PAL 576p @ 50 Hz via the VGA port) and digital (HDMI port) video output
    • Analog (3.5mm analog audio jack) and digital (HDMI) audio output
    • Keyboard with a convenient key mapping
    • Joysticks
    • Ability to emulate a joystick via cursor keys. By default, a Sinclair joystick is emulated.
    • SD-Cards via ESXDOS

    List of not yet working features

    • On-Screen-Menu (aka "Help" menu or OSM) settings are not saved
    • Mouse
    • Attaching a real tape player via EAR
    • MIDI
    • UART
    • PZX Player
    • PENTAGON 512k Support
    • Expansion port

    Additionally, see also the GitHub issues list: