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Free Wwise for Indie Developers - Full Platform Access with Unlimited Sounds.

  • https://gamefromscratch.com/ww…ree-for-indie-developers/

    [External Media: https://youtu.be/O7iyQLKre5M]

    WWise, one of the most popular AAA audio middleware solutions, is now free for indie developers. So long as you have a budget less than 250K USD, you can use this fully functioning, non-asset limited version to author audio for your game.

    For those who are new to audio middleware and don’t know which to choose, here’s some key things to consider:

    Wwise is considerably better at larger scale audio needs due to the way it’s hierarchically structured with its audio authoring. Additionally it handles memory management much more automatically than FMOD. It also has a very good built-in spatial audio propagation system (occlusion/obstruction, rooms and portals). For these reasons it’s more common to see it used in big AAA projects.

    On the other hand it’s super important to note that IT DOES NOT SUPPORT WEBGL.

    FMOD on the other hand does support WebGL, making it the stronger choice for smaller games and game jams. Additionally it has a more approachable interface for new users and does handle a few authoring things better than Wwise. It does require more manual memory management and scripting than Wwise though and has no built-in spatial audio propagation system.

    Hopefully this info is helpful to people :)

    Per oldschooljoe:

    I didn't write above messages and they were written by other professionals.

    I don't know anything about game developing, I cannot even figure out the C64 Gary Kitchen's Game maker myself yet.

    However this is FREE and I am pretty sure there are many professionals here whom may just find it useful in someways.