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  • I got my MEGA 65 yesterday, which I have been looking forward to for a long time. Unfortunately, my joy has turned a little into frustration. I like the MEGA and have followed the development every now and then. And what is on my desk now? A computer in a case that clearly has air in the back and where the two halves don't fit together correctly. When I type something on the keyboard, even the case creaks. Sorry to let out my disappointment so clearly here, but my MEGA case unfortunately feels like a few dollar case from China.

    I can live with lower quality if it's cheap and I'm willing to pay more money for higher quality. But higher price and still cheap quality is very disappointing for me. Here I would have expected more!

    Is the MEGA case of other buyers also so inaccurate and does not fit together correctly?

  • H Sam231, I can understand your frustration. My case is the same, as are many other cases out there. There has already been a big discussion in the german Laberthread. Apparently the problem can be fixed by applying heat to the bottom case with a hair dryer and bending the back of the case to the outside. Then keep bending it while it cools down. Some people were able to fix their cases.

  • I'll get back to you with some feedback. On Saturday, I dealt with the MEGA, or rather, I wanted to deal with it. Unfortunately it was not so uncomplicated. I could barely slide the disk in and then I couldn't get it out for ages. The drive jammed and was practically unusable. That I should not use the old Rom from the card, I knew. Here I first used the Rom from Snoopy, I had that from his site. Also the loading of the current official Rom worked, that worked well. From the software side I was satisfied.

    But unfortunately, the negative aspect outweighed for me that the case was obviously absolutely lovelessly slapped together. It doesn't fit together, it squeaks when typing and the floppy drive is practically unusable. Who assembles something like that? The case and the real hardware has to fit on such a device, it stays that way, it really has to be 100% in order! Everything that can be improved with software is okay for me in such a project. But when I read from the Trenz that I should turn to Discord channels for tips on how to repair the device, then the fun is over for me. I don't want to fix a new computer I bought for several hundred bucks myself, I expect the company that sold it to me to fix the obvious defects if they ship it so defective. Period.

    For now, I've thoroughly lost interest in the MEGA and am considering reselling it to a work colleague who has shown interest. I had expected a high-quality part as advertised and was looking forward to it, and was delivered a device that was screwed together more lovelessly than many $20 toys. As great as the MEGA is, there is still a lot of room for hardware improvement. Unfortunately!