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New Release - Jovian Moon Lander - Vic20 +8k by huffellduff

  • https://huffelduff.itch.io/jovian-moon-lander

    Jovian Moon Lander - Vic20 +8k

    Title: Jovian Moon Lander

    Platform: 8k Expanded Commodore VIC-20

    Video: PAL/NTSC

    Interface: Joystick only

    Game type: Arcade

    Written by: W E de Villiers

    Copyright: 2022 eXimietas Software

    The year is 2069. The moons of Jupiter are being mined for their resources. As a Moon Lander pilot your job is to travel to the larger moons of Jupiter to deliver critical medical supplies and other rare essentials to the different moon bases. You have limited fuel which gets partially replenished with every successful landing. You have lateral thrusters (joystick left and right - X axis) and a vertical thruster (joystick fire button - Y axis). The slightest contact with walls results in an explosive fireball. Good luck!

    Tip: To successfully land one needs to have zero lateral movement (to prevent landing pad damage) and a very slow vertical speed (about three small thruster bursts before contact should do it).

    Notes: Lunar lander games have been around since the early nineteen seventies and from humble text based beginnings the game type later evolved into elaborate graphical versions (raster and vector) with gravity and inertia included in the simulations. Commodore even released their own version for the Vic. So now more than forty years later here's yet another one.