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"Minicube64" eine Art "Fantasy-Konsolen-Emulator" auf Basis des 6502

  • Das ist mir gerade über den Weg gelaufen:


    Das ist sowas Ähnliches wie der Pico-8 oder der TIC-80, allerdings auf der Basis des 6502. :)


    Minicube64 is a fantasy console style emulator based on 6502, with the intention of helping people learn how games were made for older systems such as Atari 26OO, NES or C64, but without many of the difficult hardware restrictions.

    It runs 6.4mhz, with 64kb of ram and a simple 64x64 pixel framebuffer with 64 colors.

    As it is based on 6502, Minicube64 follows the same rules, directives and instructions that are common to those systems.