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New Releases !!! - Cosmic Combat DELUXE and Ray Fish DELUXE by Richard of TND

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    This game is only compatible on PAL versions of Commodore 64 systems. NTSC is not supported.

    The New Dimension, in co-op with Alf Yngve are both proud to present Cosmic Combat Deluxe. A fun arcade blaster for one or two players. This game was originally created and designed using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit and has been majorly transformed into the SEUCK Redux engine. The game also features the following:

    - Brand new front end presentation

    - Uptempo 90s style music

    - Hi score table

    - No SEUCK slowdown syndrome

    - 1 or 2 player action

    - Original Cosmic Combat also included with a new title screen made by using the SEUCK Title Maker

    This is a game for 1 or 2 players

    Your mission is to fly into the deep void of infinite space and fight your way against fleets of assorted alien invaders. Each alien has its own behaviour patterns.

    Look out for bonus stages and of course alien boss waves.

    You will gain an extra ship for every 10,000 points scored.

    Player 1 controls the blue fighter using/emulating joystick in port 2 ...

    Player 2 controls the green fighter using/emulating joystick in port 1 ...

    Either player can start at any time during play/


    Original SEUCK code by Sensisoft
    Game design, graphics and sound effects by Alf Yngve
    Enhancements code by Martin Piper and Richard Bayliss
    Music composed by Richard Bayliss

    Loading bitmap by Hugues (Ax!s) Poisseroux

    Tape loader system by Paul Hughes

    Mastered with PRG2TAP with Freeload by TCE/HF

    (Freesave tape master disks for Cosmic Combat DX are also included)



    Due to compatibility features of the code framework, this game is only compatible on PAL and will not work on NTSC C64s.

    The New Dimension is very proud to present a brand new vertical scrolling underwater shoot 'em up called "Ray Fish Deluxe". The game was originally made in the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit earlier on this year, as part of the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2021.

    Several months later, T.N.D and Alf Yngve have teamed up to bring you a special deluxe digital edition of "Ray Fish". This beautifully colourful underwater shoot 'em up hopes to consist the following features:

    - New front end presentation with hi score table

    - Awesome Ray Fish sound track remixes done in Sid Factory 2

    - Smooth scrolling with an enhanced sprite multiplexor

    - Smartl in game background animation

    - Random power ups for both players

    - Enemy smart aim functions

    - Mean end of level bosses

    - and much more.

    The Story

    You are Ray Fish. You and Mrs Ray Fish live in a celestial planet called "Atlantor". It was a peaceful safe haven, rigged with your own security systems. Their purpose - for preventing intruders from entering your world.

    Unfortunately however, the security system went down for a short time. Then the security system rebooted itself. You and Mrs Ray Fish are no longer alone. Your planet has been infested by assorted aliens. They rigged the security system to fight against both of you. Oh dear!!!

    Playing The Game

    This is a game for 1 or 2 players.

    Your task is to guide Ray Fish or Mrs Ray Fish through your underwater home world and fight against the evil aliens. Some aliens are straight forward to destroy, but some aliens will of course be more powerful than you think.

    At the end of each level will be an end of level boss. Shoot those evil bosses 15 times in order to destroy them. At the very last level will be the biggest threat, which you must defeat in order to save your world from alien domination.

    Power Ups and Extra Lives

    Luckily there are power orbs, which either player can pick up. Should Ray Fish or Mrs Ray Fish pick one of these up.

    The blue orbs will give Ray Fish or Mrs Ray Fish random power ups. The pink orbs will give them a protective shield for a short period of time.

    Extra lives are awarded at every 10,000 points - but there is a slight catch. If you have 9 lives, you will not gain any more lives after that.

    Can you and/or Mrs Ray Fish save "Atlantor", or will you suffer a nasty fate to be decided by the aliens? Good luck... You will need it


    Programming by Martin Piper and Richard Bayliss

    Graphics and music by Richard Bayliss
    Level design and additional sprites by Alf Yngve

    Tape loader system by Martin Piper and Richard Bayliss
    Loading bitmap and front end logo by Hugues (Ax!s) Poisseroux