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Computer Gaming World ​von 1981 - 2006

  • Computer Gaming World Scans von 1981 - 2006. Schon interessant, wie viel Text und wie wenig Bilder in den Anfangsjahren verwendet wurde. Ziemlich Strategie-Games-lastig in den früheren Ausgaben, aber anscheinend war das damals so .


    The Computer Gaming World Museum is dedicated to the preservation and presentation of all items related to the first magazine specifically dedicated to computer games. Once the Museum's current scans expansion project is completed, you will find scans of every CGW issue, from its debut in November of 1981 to its last issue issue in November of 2006. The Museum's particular focus is on the first 100 CGW issues, which cover a time period that represents the birth and expansion of an industry that is today much, much different than what it was. One of the best ways to explore these early years is by reading what was said back then about the industry, the programmers, and of course, the games. For this, there is no better publication than CGW.