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Best monitor for MEGA65?

  • but the output video signal is not NTSC or PAL since those kind of signals cannot drive a regular VGA monitor at least

    There are monitors that can accept a 15kHz 50/60Hz RGBS/RGBHV signal over a VGA connector. There are also adaptor cables from a VGA connector to a SCART plug for connecting devices that can output such signals on a VGA plug to a regular European TV which can certainly accept such signals (but only rarely 31kHz VGA) via SCART.

    (PAL and NTSC refer to color encoding standards, not video timings - an RGB signal does not use either of them, no matter what timing it uses)

    Indeed, that's why I used words "normal" and "usually". For the rest, true, but I guess since even the basics was not well understood, I decided not confuse everyone to explain those topics as well. So I guess for this thread these details are "too much" for most people, what I meant.

  • Okay yes so technically, the signal generated by the MEGA65 is not a PAL signal, but I was referring to the resolution mainly. So the resolution is PAL or NTSC, not 800x600 or something like that, that was what I meant. Thus, it would be cool to have a monitor that runs this resolution natively, and I wonder if early flat TVs have exactly this resolution or if they already have something that is a multiple of that. Also, probably all early flat TVs are already 16:9, which is not ideal of course. But since I'd guess that even early flat TVs have square pixels NATIVELY, I guess the horizontal pixel width is actually wider than 720, while vertically it might be exactly 576 or 480.

    And I don't know if anyone understands what I just wrote :anonym

  • 800x600 are just numbers, like 720x576 as well - bit strange for me to call it "PAL or NTSC resolution" but anyway - it will do I suppose :) But true, maybe not as common resolutions for modern monitors. My monitor (Samsung SyncMaster EX2220) though can display them without major issue (though for 720x480/60Hz it seems I have to press auto tune button ... otherwise the screen is a little off by side). Though, I have to admit I haven't tested it with any other monitor, or over HDMI, just this one and using VGA input.

    I also have a plan to grab my old Sun monitor (it's 4:3) and test if it works nicely with MEGA65. For me, a 4:3 monitor solution feels more authentic, of course. The issue now, that I've lost its converter cable (that monitor has a special connector called 13W3 - IIRC).

  • I wonder if early flat TVs have exactly this resolution or if they already have something that is a multiple of that

    I don't think I've ever heard of a flat TV with a CEA (720x480/x576) resolution, not even as a plasma display. There are of course 640x480 which would be a square-pixel variant of the 525-line system ("NTSC"), but 625-line users (most "PAL" transmissions) were basically shafted. Coming from the CRT times with its 5-10% overscan, TV manufacturers also rarely cared about pixel-exact reproduction of the input signal anyway and instead continued to crop the signal borders long into the HD area.

    Just get something with a sufficiently high resolution and a good scaler to minimize the artifacts caused by the pixel aspect ratio mismatch and non-integer scaling factors. Or use a CRT, which tends to have other issues (size, weight, power).

  • Ich glaube der hier - aus dem Frühjahrsangebot zum Komplett-PC bei Media Markt von 2001 - würde optisch prima passen ...

    ... aber natürlich besser zum MEGA65-Classroom (da dürfte dann Monitor und Rechner etwa gleich breit sein) :P.

    Tja, und ich wollte den schon mal entsorgen, weil er zwei Fehlerpixel und nur einen VGA-Eingang hat. Heb ich ihn doch noch mal länger auf. Nun ärgere ich mich fast keinen Zweiten für wenig Euro erworben zu haben, als alle Anderen ihre entsorgten, denn sollte es mal einen TheA600 Maxi geben, wäre das auch dort ein passender Bildschirm (und so schön identisch/harmonisch dann mit beiden Rechnern an gleichen 4:3-TFTs nebeneinander :love:).