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"Vector Clock" - a fullscreen clock for the MEGA65

  • Last weekend I was a bit busy with the bitmap modes. This resulted in a program that I wrote in BASIC 65. :loet

    It uses the monochrome bitmap mode in the resolution 640x400 and displays the MEGA65 lettering with a blinking element and the current time (each in some vector characters and digits).

    Who likes, can try it out. It can't do much, except displaying the time. :)

    But at least you can say to your wife: "Do you see: A clock! And you said that old computer stuff can't be used for anything." :D

    I have attached a D81 disk image with the program and also uploaded it to the filehoster of the MEGA65 here.

    Have fun with it! :)

    Maybe here as info:

    The BASIC 65 is an extended version of the BASIC 10, which will be delivered with the MEGA65. You can download the ROM with the current version of BASIC 65 (the "final touches" are being done at the moment) as a patch file here from the MEGA65 filehoster and patch it with an existing ROM 911001.

    "Vector Clock" needs the BASIC 65, it does not run with BASIC 10!

    If you want to try the program with the Xemu emulator, you have to use the so-called "merger" version (e.g. from this site). With the "normal" Xemu ("master/next" version) the bitmap display does not work correctly.