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SIDKick Aufbau Tipps & Fragen

  • emulaThor

    Agree and thanks for sharing. Yes perseverance and no fear of failure is the key. I have got better in a short time, developed my own method and learnt to troubleshoot a bit better.

    Next time I would get a few more spare component parts, as this could be an excuse to give up!

    Luckily this time all good and I have two SidKicks. Just power supply problem to move onto now :)!

  • Here is my final tip following assembly of v0.4 and further testing.

    If you experience frequent glitches in sound (at approximately 30sec to 1min 30sec intervals) - it may be an issue with your power supply.

    Original power supply - no problems.

    DIY supply (dannygalaga) using 9V SNES and 5V charger - no problems.

    Keelog C64 FDD Dual Power supply - not working for me.

    I would be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this problem or what supplies others are using.

    Thanks - onto the next project...:thumbsup: