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MIDI Support

  • Any thoughts on MIDI support?

    I started to code a MIDI sequencer (on the PC) some years ago and I might be interested to port it to the MEGA65 (if I find the time of course :D ). So I'm curious whether the MEGA65 will support MIDI in one way or another. There are existing cartridges for the C64 for example - will they work out of the box on a MEGA65?

    Thinking about the Kerberos cartridge for example. Of course an additional IO board would be cool too (to be plugged right into the expansion slots of the MEGA65 case), but if anyone who has the DevKit already or someone from the MEGA65 team could test the Kerberos cartridge or any other MIDI hardware from the C64 with the MEGA65, this would be really cool :thumbup: