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From the prototype to the finished injection molded part - the MEGA65 case

  • I'm not sure if this blog post from Hintsteiner was published here yet, but I can't remember ... so here's the link to the German blog post from September 21, 2020:

    Vom Prototypen zum fertigen Spritzgussteil - Das MEGA65-Gehäuse

    Quote from Julian Stopper

    Dieser Blog befasst sich mit dem Projektablauf für das MEGA65-Gehäuse, von der Konstruktion und Fertigung der Form bis hin zu der Herstellung der ersten Musterteile. Wir wollen Ihnen damit anhand einer Kundenstory unseren Projektablauf näher bringen und Ihnen zeigen, wie sich optimale Kommunikation mit unsere Kunden positiv auf die Bauteilqualität auswirkt.

  • I'll just write this anecdote in here:

    A friend gave me some funny feedback on the MEGA65 today. Some time ago I briefly told him about it and sent him a few links.

    He said he is very pleased that a manufacturer has thought about it and has also planned a model for left-handers.

    I then asked him what he meant by that? ?(

    He said that for him, as a left-hander, it is good that there is also a model in which you attach the joystick or mouse on the left.

    I had to laugh and said that there is only one model for everyone and that it is based on the old C65.

    He just said: Well, for right-handers the floppy disk drive is in the way when using the mouse.

    So can you also sell a MEGA65 model for right-handers, please? :D