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MEGA65 and Shallan50k are looking for Pixel artists

  • Hi all,

    we know that here in this Forum are alot of pixel artists.

    Shallan wants to code a next gen. MEGA65 game, for this he/we are looking for pixel wizards, that are able to

    paint nice sprites, backgrounds, tiles, titles, etc.

    i quote Shallan here:
    "Discord is best for me. Looking for someone who can do quite a lot of character work and detailed backgrounds

    best to contact me and discuss as its all up for discussion for the right artist "

    If you're interested and you got some time, please reply !

    Join to become a part of MEGA65 history.

    Thanks for consideration

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    Changed the title of the thread from “MEGA65 and Shallan50k are looking for Pixel artist” to “MEGA65 and Shallan50k are looking for Pixel artists”.