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How to fix issue with sprites not properly aligned on DevKit

  • Hi folks.

    I am a DevKit owner and I'm struggling with a few things. I have been trying to use Discord, but I struggle to keep up with who is talking to who and I hard time tracking my messages and responses. I originally posted this question here:


    Hi folks. Has anyone else noticed the Commodore 64 games have some sprite placement issues? For example, Frogs and the Shadow game have characters that are lower on the screen than they should be.

    Also, is there an easy/simple way to update the core/firmware on the devkit?

    Someone had suggested:


    This is clearly you being in ntsc

    Enter config, save config then try again

    I was not sure if he was answering my question or someone else's (the issue with Discord).

    This suggestion, however, did not work. Or, I didn't understand what he was suggesting.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  • Hi matthewpomar,

    this suggestion came from Deft and what he meant was that you should try to switch to PAL mode and then check, if the problem persists.

    you can do this either via the CONFIGURE menu or inside the MEGA65 freezer.

    And regarding the update, i believe, i've told you how to update.
    - download latest bitstream

    - convert bitstream with m65connect into .COR

    - copy the .COR file to the SD card

    -.power MEGA65 on while holding NO SCROLL pressed

    - press CTRL & 1, then select the .COR file and press Return.

    - Cor is beeing flashed to slot 1.

    - powercycle the MEGA65

    - press MEGA & TAB to verify bitstream

  • Thank you adtbm ,

    Greatly appreciate your help. I have found the configuration menu and sure enough, it was set to PAL already and it needed to be set to NTSC for my region.

    I observed a few notable things during this:

    1. The Configuration Menu was defaulted to PAL while the Freeze Menu shows NTSC.

    2. Once I switch both the Configuration Menu and Freeze Menu to NTSC, the game alignment issues went away, but the game "Frogs" stopped work all-together.

    I know Frogs works on NTSC as I play that on vintage Commodore 64 hardware. So it this something the devs would like to know about and if so, how should I report compatibility issues/bugs I find?

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Please report bugs on our GitHub page.

    1. There was a bug in the CONFIGURE menu (it's fixed in the latest bitstreams) you need to enter the CONFIGURE menu, save at least once the settings, go into CONFIGURE again, apply the sttings again, then it should be fixed and in sync with the Freezer.

    You also can change the video mode in the Freezermenu (hold RESTORE for ~0.3s) also temporay (untill powercycle) to quickly check, if a game works in the other video mode (PAL/NTSC)