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UAE: ADF aus der emulierten Workbench heraus mounten. Vorschlag ohne GUI.

  • Das hier unten habe ich vor einer Weile zusammengeschrieben.

    Bevor ich damit an die breite Amiga-Öffentlichkeit gehe, würde ich mich freuen, wenn Ihr Eure Meinung zu meiner grundsätzlichen Idee kundtun würdet,

    und auch wenn ihr die idee ausserhalb von Amikit8 testet, bzw mit anderen Emulatoren ausser (Win)UAE.

    Bei Bedarf kann ich Euch die modifizierten Amikit-Format-Requester zukommen lassen.

    Falls ohne nicht erklärbar, könnte ich ein kleines Youtube-Demovideo kreieren (wäre dann mein erstes).


    Tested on AmiKit8 under WinUAE

    Both versions have their pros and the same (human) cons...


    0.5 Mount a PC folder, containing ADFs, as a virtual Amiga HDD

    1. Create and insert four dummy empty ADFs for each DF0: to DF3:

    2. Launch Amikit with above ADFs mounted at boot.

    3. Use any ADF from 0.5 (e.g. a game), doubleclick in Amikit and write to whatever drive you like (overwriting the empty dummy disk). I modified the doubleclick window to not only support writing to DF0/1, but also DF2/3.


    4. Choose "Quit" in Amikit´s dock. I modified it to show either:

    4.1 "Reboot Amikit": All four DFx: will be quick formatted, then reboot for a clean AmiKit restart.

    4.2 "Reboot from DFx": Quick Reset, DFx: will be used (usually DF0:), so your (e.g. game) disk will boot.

    The Pro:

    Reset will boot straight into Floppy

    The Con:

    When resetting from Game/Disk, DFx: will keep rebooting, no way to get back into AmiKit, unless the early startup-menu is used to boot AmiKit:

    Very difficult to achieve when UAE is set to highest speed: Try resetting and holding both mouse buttons at the same fragment of a second!!!

    Or simply use UAE´s "remove disk" shortcut? Haven´t thought about that yet!


    1.1. In UAE, set the Amikit HDD to a very high boot priority, overriding the DFx:

    4. Choose "Quit" in Amikit´s dock.

    4.1 "Reboot". This will reset the Amiga and launch back into AmiKit because of its high boot priority...as usual.

    4.2 "Reboot" and use early startup menu to choose DFx: as boot device.

    The Pro:

    no clue...

    The Con:

    When resetting AmiKit, it will reboot back into AmiKit, no way of booting from DFx:, unless the early startup-menu is used to boot from floppy.

    Very difficult to achieve when UAE is set to highest speed: Try resetting and holding both mouse buttons at the same fragment of a second!!!

    To Toni Wilen:

    We can launch host apps from within WinUAE via "winlaunch".

    (Or "host-run" on Linux, as Stephen Jones said).

    I know from WinUAE:

    If I "winlaunch WinUAE" from the Amiga side, it will start a new UAE process. I read you changed to separate-processes-only, quite a while ago, by request.

    If I could "winlaunch WinUAE -0 xxx.adf" to insert a disk into the !running! UAE process, I wouldn´t need the above workarounds.

    Haven´t tried if Amiberry supports command lines for a running app/process.


    I commented that on RMC´s youtube video about Stephen´s AMIhybrid:

    In the end, I fancy something like a commodity(?) showing all four DFx: as opaque icons on the Amiga desktop.

    You would then simply drag an ADF onto one of these icons, and via winlaunch/host-run the ADF would be mounted into the !running! UAE process. And right-click (or doubleclick) on icon would eject the ADF.