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Raspberry MEGA65 image (for Raspberry Pi 400)

  • The chance is always there :) But seriously: I don't have a free raspberry pi currently (I have one, running my little "home server things", and even that is only a PI3 - which I guess would be a bit weak for the task). But as soon as I have some newer one, I would guess, it's not a big deal to add a functionality like that. For the user port, it's maybe a more tricky because anyway my CIA emulation in Xemu is kind of well ... "sux" ...

  • Just being curious here, what kind of things would you attach to the user port this way? And, without level shifting it wouldn't be directly compatible with a "real" user port anyway. Surely, just trying to switch on/off LEDs for example :) it would be OK, I guess with the proper current limiting resistors, so basically the GPIO pins of the Pi can be used in similar way than on a raw Pi, just now with an emulated MEGA65 environment, thinking it's a real user port (just to note: a real MEGA65 does not have user port either, though it's indeed have a way to attach something like that, though the latency won't be the same as even on a C64 - I guess, since it uses some kind of serial protocol to bridge out the user port from the FPGA, so "not fast enough" for _every_ use cases at least - but hmm I am not 100% sure in this topic ...).

  • A well, just something to look forward to..

    If i noticed correct, Paul from mega65 was busy with the userport (and tape i thought).

    For me it is about the joystick part.

    the userport indeed is more for fiddling with LED's and switches.. perhaps a motor driver ect...

    thing u normally also do with a pi... nothing fancy

    so latency is not a issue ^^