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BASIC 10 - LIST "filename"

  • Yesterday, while playing around with the BASIC10 section of the C65 ROM, I came across an innovation in the LIST command that I have not yet noticed, although it is even mentioned in the old "c65manual.txt". :search:

    You can not only display a BASIC program that is currently in memory with LIST, as usual, but also a BASIC program that is on disc:

    LIST "filename" [, Ddrive] [<, | ON> Udevice]

    lists the program "filename" without(!) destroying or changing the current BASIC program in the memory.

    For example, it is convenient to have the listing of a program displayed to look something up there without having to save the current BASIC program first.

    LIST "filename" works in direct mode and also as a command in the program with filename "PROGRAM1" or with "P*" or "*" for the filename.

    I think that this is a nice and useful extension of the LIST command in BASIC 10 and should receive the attention it deserves. ;)

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