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Up & Down Cursor Keys with Keyrah and Artix 7

  • as stated in some comment of this thead (USB Keyboard Mapping) the vertical cursor key doesn't work using a real C64 keybord connected Keyrah to Artix 7.

    Does somebody know if it is a Keyrah or Artix 7 issue?
    Is there a way to make it work in order to make the Artix 7 actually usable. We know that by using a PC usb keyboard directly connected, this key can be found as the numpad-2 but using a PC keyboard is non an acceptable solution because this exclude the possibility to connect a joystick; joystick needs keyrah and keyrah require a real commodore keyboard and I wasn't able to find the vertical cursor key mapped elsewhere as a ctrl combination

    I also wonder if this further solution works better than keyrah?
    Did someone already tried it? (Before I attempt the effort to build it)