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Tristam Island for MEGA65, C64 and alot of other platforms

  • Hugo Labrande just announced the preorder and released the demo for his latest adventure in Infocom style for all different platforms : Tristam Island

    And he'll release it for the MEGA65 as well. It is amazing to see more and more software popping up :-)

    You can download the demo here and you will find more info about the game there too.

  • You can download the demo here and you will find more info about the game there too.

    I'd just tried the Mega65 version of the demo on the Xemu emulator.

    As the manual says (it's in the download from the link above), in Xemu you have to switch in the 64 mode (GO64) before loading the demo game.

    Quote from manual-mega65.txt

    If you are playing on an emulator, try going into C64 mode (command GO64) if you can't get it running.

    Looks nice, catches the "old feeling" of the classic Infocom textadventures. :thumbup:

  • But now not only me need the killer feature.For what else i need the mega?

    The Mega65 is not a computer that you will buy because of some "killer apps or games". There will never be. I cannot imagine a single piece of software in the future that would make someone buy a MEGA65.

    If someone wants it "retro", then maybe buy a TheC64 (Maxi) or a MiST(er) for 100 to 150 EUR to play your favorite games from back then or on the TheC64 again a little bit typing of the "old" BASIC and refresh your memories.

    And if you want to play the latest games, you can e.g. buy a cutting-edge Playstation 5 for less than 500 euros.

    Nobody who really wants to play "great" games will spend around 700 to 800 Euros for the MEGA65 or even 1000 Euros for the Devkit. That would be complete nonsense.

    The MEGA65 is for lovers who want to have the well-known "old" 8bit technology of the C64 a little bit "more modern" and want to program and "tinker" with it, or actually for people who make their own out of nostalgia or something similar and want to buy their "own C65".

  • I don´t want to play newest games and i don´t need a PS5.

    I don´t need a mister, i have 2 Vic 20 2 C64 1 C128 and 2 Amiga fully functional.

    I like the old games and like new games for the old machines.

    I like the Design of the Commodore 65 too.

    There are so many projects for commodore 64 in developement and most projects are awesome.

    I don´t want to make the mega65 bad.

    All units of the developement kit are sold, so i think the mega find enough people for buying the first batch.

    I am sure it will be sold out very fast.

    It seems the goal os finishes

    The mega features can partially? used in c64 mode and make the machine very interesting.

    I don´t need a killer app for mega but i wish one:P.

    The Mega is a powerful machine and it would be great to see what is possible with it.

    No one need a 8 bit computer for working today, it is a hobby, but there are so much possibilitys with mega and one or two very cool games couldn´t not be bad for it.

    But it seems, it is not necessary at moment, maybe later on the dev kits.

  • I disagree a bit. People buying Gamer PCs for playing high end games. My intention is to play C64 and C65 (hopefully they will come).

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  • Bloody77

    the DevKits are still not all shipped and already you can see, what the people start working on the MEGA65 and what's possible.

    SO while Tristam is a nice Adventure that supports the MEGA65 it is only one minor part of what is expected to come.

    Die you had a look at Ubiks great Yaped32 Petscii editor ? And i believe Pauls MEGAmaze is also a great showing-off-whats-possible.

    Shallan made another twitchstream last night, If you're interested have a look from about 02:55:00 onwards.

    And the MEGA65 is a C65, so same as the C65, the VIC-III and VIC-IV features i.e. are accessible from C64 mode. That's how Commodore designed it.