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Playing with the MEGA65 Ethernet Adapter

  • Howdy folks,

    Just a little sneak-peak my the latest work with tetsting the MEGA65's built-in ethernet adapter: I managed to port WeeIP, an embedded TCP/IP stack to use it (and to work with CC65's limitations). WeeIP was so small it didn't even have a DHCP or DNS client, so I implemented functions for those, and then hooked it all up together to prove that I can make a TCP connection over the internet.

    It still needs some considerable work, but the hard part is done, in that it sends and receives packets etc. I'd love it if someone has interest on working on this further, and adding some of the missing things, like re-transmission of DNS queries if no response etc.

    Those interested can see the code a github.com/mega65/mega65-weeip