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C65 ROM patch ("AH") with German umlauts also for Mega65

  • Because there were problems with the german umlauts of patch "AE" while using Mega65 mode (or Nexys board or xmega65 of Xemu), I patched a new version "AH" of the C65 ROM (911001.bin):

    The patch includes all previous patches (until "AG" which fixed the "disc change bug").

    To get the patched ROM see steps 1.) to 4.) in this post: Patch for C65 ROM


    5.) Patch the file with this command:

    bspatch 911001.bin 911001_ah.bin patch_ah.bin

    6.) The created file '911001_ah.bin' is the patched rom and you can rename and use it for your needs. E.g. for Xemu 'c65-system.rom' or 'MEGA65.ROM' for Mega65 or the Nexys board.

    As Paul mentioned in this post, the chars which uses Mega65 are copied from the C64 char set section of the C65 ROM. So I changed the chars also in the C64 section.

    Now you can use the german umlauts also in Mega65 mode and even in the C64 mode (after GO 64):

    For convenience I quote from from the manual for the C65 Notepad for describing the keys for the german umlauts:

    Here is the text file with the changes made in patch "AH" against the original ROM (911001.bin):

  • Hi Snoopy,
    12345 is part of the MEGA65 team, if you're interested, you can also send me an mail: adtbm@freenet.de then we could arrange a faster communication path. (Skype ? / Discord ? )

  • Hi Snoopy

    First of all great work and highly appreciated! I even think its that useful I would like to implement it in the GUI tool I'm currently writing for the Mega65. I would therefore need the executables (bin/patch) and would have also some questions... If interested, please pin me!

    Hi 12345, thanks for asking! Of course you can use the patch for your work for the Mega65! I'm very glad if I can make a small contribution to the Mega team.

    I'm very busy this weekend. so please don't expect a 5 minute fast answer, but feel free to write me a mail to 65software@gmx.de :thumbup: