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ACME Crossassembler Releas 0,97 kommt demnächst.

  • ACME 0,97 ist für Windows ist in der Mache. Viele neue Features..

    Dank Corona,,, Freut Euch.

    @Mc.Becon, danke dir.

    Ich lass noch die Testsuite durchlaufen und gibt es das Win32 Release auf sf,net,

  • ACME 0.97 Crossassebler ist als win32 Release online.

    Section: New in release 0.97

    FINALLY strings can be assigned to symbols!
    "anything in double quotes" is a string, while characters in
    single quotes are, just as before, immediately converted to their
    character code. Go and read "docs/Upgrade.txt" to learn about
    compatibility issues.

    Added backslash escaping in all string literals:
    \0 is a null byte, \t is a TAB, \n is a line feed, \r is a
    carriage return, \" is a double quote, \' is a single quote and
    \\ is a backslash. Go and read "docs/Upgrade.txt" to learn about
    compatibility issues.

    Added "--dialect" CLI switch:
    Because string symbols and backslash escaping introduce a few
    incompatibilities to older versions, ACME can now be told to mimic
    the behavior of older versions. So it's still possible to assemble
    older sources.

    Added lists:
    Lists can be used to pass an arbitrary number of arguments to
    macros, or to store any number of items (including other lists) in
    a single symbol. Example: my_list = [1, 2, label, "string", 9]

    Added "len()" operator:
    This returns the number of elements in a string or list.

    Added "[]" operator (for indexing):
    This returns a single element from a string or list. Negative
    indices are supported as well, they access the string/list from
    the other end. Examples: a = my_list[2] b = my_string[-1]

    Added "&" operator:
    This operator converts labels or the program counter from its
    value inside a "!pseudopc" block to the value outside of that
    block. Thanks to markusC64 for the suggestion!

    Added "!while {}" pseudo opcode.

    Added "else if", "else ifdef" and "else ifndef" possibilities.

    Added "M65" cpu:
    This instruction set includes the MEGA65 extensions, namely 32-bit
    pointers and 32-bit data operations using prefix bytes.

    Added "NMOS6502" as an alias for "6510" cpu.

    Improved NMOS6502/6510 mode:
    DOP and TOP can now also be written as NOP.

    Improved 65816 mode:
    MVN and MVP can now also be written with '#' before arguments.

    Added "--test" CLI switch:
    This is for people who want to help test experimental features.

    Improved error messages:
    "Garbage data at end of statement" now includes the unexpected
    "Symbol not defined" is only output once per symbol.

    Added warning:
    ACME complains about binary literals with an "unusual" number of
    digits. Thanks to groepaz for the suggestion!
    The warning can be disabled using the "-Wno-bin-len" CLI switch.

    Added warning:
    All mnemonics without indirect addressing now complain about
    unneeded parentheses.

    Fix: Characters are now unsigned (had been architecture-dependent).

    Improved error handling of "--cpu" and "--format" switches.

    Added opcode table for NMOS6502 cpu to docs.

    Added some test sources.

    Added support for "hashbang" lines (if file starts with a '#'
    character, the first line is ignored)

    Fixed some minor bugs no-one ever seems to have encountered.

    Rewritten "docs/Upgrade.txt".


  • Wenn der ACME auch für andere Plattformen zu Verfügung steht, z.b. Linux oder Mac, kann ich mich nur für die Arbeit die da hintersteckt bedanken.

    Arbeite sehr gerne damit.


  • Habs grad mal für macOS gebaut, falls das hilft.