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Aktuelle Firmware MIST FPGA 22.06.2020

  • Seit einigen Tagen gibt es ein neues Firmware Update für den MIST FPGA:


    - Fix memory corruption in SYSTEM.FNT loading (freezing)
    - Generic second mouse and wheel movement support (first core using it: Speed Ball arcade)
    - Honor DEFAULT in ARC file when resetting settings
    - Some fixes in OSD menu handling (CPS1)
    - Add joystick_db9_fixed_index (by PunisherHD92)
    - Support two mice for Minimig
    - Add Save CMOS RAM option to Archie (needs core update)
    - Sub-menu support in OSD ("P" config string)
    - OSD fonts can be replaced by a SYSTEM.FNT file (8x8 fonts, 768 or 1024 byte length file)
    - Allow specifing profile names in mist.ini for Atari ST and Minimig (check sample mist.ini)
    - Support loading CORE.ARC file as the default core
    - Fix quoted string handling in comments in mist.ini
    - Fix automatic changeing into the core directory in some cases
    - Increase maximum size of embedded options in ARC files to 512 bytes
    - Add DEFAULT setting support to ARC files
    - Synthesize a directory entry for ROM upload, used in DIO_FILE_INFO
    - Fix ROM= entry handling in mist.ini
    - Support for NAME in ARC files (core name override)
    - ROM loading from the same directory as the RBF
    - Analogue joystick range scaling and dead zone management (rampa069)
    - Support Arduino based keyboards
    - Add csync_disable option to mist.ini
    - Fix ini_parser for mist.ini files > 1024 bytes
    - Introduce ARC metadata files (mostly for arcade usage)
    - Direct SD->FPGA transfer for MiSTery ACSI (core update needed)
    - Direct SD->FPGA transfer for other cores' ROM upload (core updates needed)
    - Some minimig and OSD related fixes from Retrofun
    - More complete input device test OSD
    - Unused cart area is pulled up in ST cores
    - Multiple profiles support for ST cores
    - Archimedes IDE interface support
    - Changed 24MB Fast RAM option to 8MB in Minimig's 68000 mode
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