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An Open-Source fighter game for MEGA65 perhaps?

  • I put my name down for a MEGA65 DevKit tonight, and it got me thinking... I was nibbling on a c64 sf2-reu port in my limited spare time... Here's how that's looking so far:

    The idea in the back of my mind now is to perhaps make it an open-source project, swap out the artwork for my own "stick-man" art, and port it to the mega65, to aim for a modest open-source fighter game that anyone could contribute to, fork, or sniff around for ideas. Just feeling that having a few open-source game projects for mega65 might be a good way for us to learn from each other, how is this or that accomplished with the mega65.

    Well, for better or worse, I'll share what I have right now, in whatever horrible, disorderly, uncompilable, undocumented state it may be in right now.


    So maybe if this tickles anybody's fancy, they'll ask some probing questions here, obliging me to document things better, make things less horrible and disorderly ;)

  • Will share more thoughts on the state of the project, off the top of my head:

    • Written in mostly c, some snippets of asm
    • I tend to do most of my development on an old macbook. I occasionally tried on windows, think it works ok there too
    • Last year, I manually extracted art frames from sprite sheet, manually hardcoded hitbox coordinates and animation details. A very dumb, manual, laborious way, but it got the job done for a single character (ryu).
    • I borrowed the pngprepare tool from the mega65 project (used to convert a png into a binary blob suitable for the c64), modifying it to make this graphical conversion of sprite frames from color png into monochrome
    • This year, my main goal was to try add another character (maybe ChunLi), but I wanted to do it a bit smarter with more tooling support, and less manual/harcoded efforts.
    • So inside the project, you'll find a "sf2tool.py" script, that can be used to more easily extract frames from sprite sheets, group frames into animations and adjist their animation details.

    [External Media: https://youtu.be/KEnA5nFcanE]

    I'm yet to add a mechanism into the tool to export this info into the data.reu file, nor is the game code ready to read in some of the new information the tool provides.

    I *think* the game is still in a compilable/runnable state, just uses the old hardcoded information.

    So hopefully, it'll be as easy as:

    1. Do a "git clone" of the project

    2. Run "make", then "make run"

    But who knows, maybe there'll be gotchyas and extra prereq steps I haven't foreseen.

    I think a year back, I made a feeble attempt to convert it to a mega65 project. Looks like I forgot to push my mega65 branch into the github repo, so I'll try do that soon. Don't think I got too far, perhaps just tweaked the Makefile to generate a .d81 file instead of a .d64 (and then wasn't quite sure what to do about my data.reu file, which I've asked about in another thread). Maybe I should reabse that mega65 branch with the latest master though.

  • Hi Gurce, that sounds very interesting and it's amazing, that you change your project to open source. Like 6581 already said: That's the spirit.

    Ii am certain, the MEGA65 will be able to handle the game perfectly.